Davis Disposal is a family owned business.  I am Jason Davis and have spent my career in the solid-waste management industry, which was over 25 years ago.  Starting out as a loader and delivery of toters (that’s what we call a trash can).  Progressing to driver as the years went on.  I became very proficient in every aspect of solid-waste management.

The family business was sold in 2008, which had me working as a manager for other companies.  I wanted something for my 3 children to work in when they grew up, so I moved back to the area to bring the company back to life and give my children a chance for a future as I was provided.  So in January of 2017, Davis Disposal LLC was formed.  I was able to go back to doing what I grew up with and loved doing as a child.

We at Davis Disposal have a passion for the trash industry and the service it provides people.  We are very people orientated and want you to be as happy with the service as we are to provide it.

We do not require contracts at Davis Disposal, LLC, because we feel if you are not happy, you have every right to find a company that will fill your needs.  While we will always try to be that company and believe we offer a superior service to our customers.  We do not feel the need to tie you down with a contract.  We believe you will happily want to stay with a company who strives to the be the best!

Welcome to all of our customers to the Davis Disposal LLC family!

Service is our commitment to our customers